Election Decision 2016: My America

Election Decision 2016: My America

Dear friend,

I'm writing you today because I don't know who I'm going to vote for. This election seems so crazy. I know I won't be able to live with myself if there is a huge crisis following the election or during the term of either the major party candidates. This seems like another case of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Clinton has experience Trump has hutzpah. Clinton will maintain the status quo and Trump will evidently stir things up. They both seem like slimy humans and I have a hard time believing a word out of either of their mouths.

Sure, I can go and vote for a third party candidate. Most people would say that's copping out and not picking a side. They say, "You got to stand for something!" Well as far as I'm concerned I stand for health, liberty, the pursuit of personal goals, and family. What else is there?

It's assumed and understood Hillary will only continue the policies of the Obama administration. Policies which intend to redistribute wealth, offer more social services and increase the size of government. Many of these programs sound expensive and risk creating a flaccid society of those expecting handouts. It doesn't seem fair or right for the government to target the wealthy to pay for services for the poor. I always thought the rich gave back freely to get a tax deductions! Maybe that's naïveté. I don't know what I would do with massive income. I'd like to think that I would share but chances are I would only look to improve my position further.  

Oops, wait I there it is. I think I answered my own question. There are two types of Trump supporters: Those who are either pissed off at Barak Obama and those looking to protect their own big money interests. I'd like to think I'm big money or will someday have big money but currently that's far from the truth. So for me right now, a vote for Trump is far from conservative. In fact it's quite radical and even potentially anarchist. 

I want to vote conservatively. Change is great but radical change is dangerous. This election is not about making America great. This election is about America's place in a modern world where we have to negotiate highly interrelated complex issues. In those situations I'll take experience every time. Brexit shows us what happens to people's judgement who are scared and confused. They vote to back out, to leave, to go back to the way it was. Well guess what? A vote no matter how powerful won't reverse the gears of time. We are becoming a global society. We can't go backward.

Besides, things have gone well for me during the Obama years. Even though currently he may be as controversial and deflated as a Tom Brady football, I'm not complaining. My own hard work, drive and commitment have paid off in recent years. Obama's policies did nothing to stop me. So today the last thing I want is upheaval, war, revolution, anger, hate, misogyny, or racism in the white house. I'll take my chances with a devil I know rather than the devil I don't. Trump, I really wanted to like you man, but you're a loose cannon buddy.

Letter to all ATF Trainers

Letter to all ATF Trainers

GOAL: To make us the most knowledgable, energizing, helpful and fun group of fitness professionals the world has ever seen. To accomplish this we must be on the same page with how we organize the facility and how we manage time within our training sessions. If we can become supremely organized and efficient then we cut out confusion and leave more room for having fun.

Organizing the Facility
Currently we have three rooms at our disposal. The black, blue and yoga/stretch room. Each has it's own strengths and weaknesses. First thing we will do is balance the equipment between the rooms. This will reduce the amount of back and forth needed to procure the necessary equipment for each session. It will also allow us to perform sessions in one place and will keep us more connected to our clients.

Next we will assign two trainers to each room. One senior trainer and one new trainer. Each of the two trainers will stagger their scheduling on the half hour so that sessions are never starting and ending at the same time. Adam may switch in and out of each of the rooms with the senior trainer to connect with the new trainers, new clients and supervise their development.

Time Management Within Each Session
We have one hour to deliver an excellent, transformative fitness experience to our clients. We must connect with them fully and address their specific needs in every session. If we miss these two points we have fallen short. The following is the bare minimum of what should happen in a personal training session:

  1. A hearty genuine greeting, "Hi (person's name). Good morning!" etc.
  2. Ask "Is anything tight or sore?" Then address as appropriate. 
  3. Circle the Joints Warm Up
  4. Warm Up exercises preparing them for what's to come. Pushing, squatting etc.
  5. Strength Training
  6. High Intensity Training
  7. Skill Work
  8. Mobility Work
  9. Quick assisted stretch by the trainer

Keep in mind the entire time you should be conversing with them and keeping the focus on them. Yes one of our goals in talking with them is to connect and become friendly. However we need to be the type of friend who LISTENS rather than the friend who continually makes the conversation all about themselves and the inane details of their life. This needs to be reiterated here now as the new trainers will need to be held to the same high standards. 

So here's how we will get all of the above into an hour. We are going to take our 8 Labors of ATOMIC and build complete, structured workouts around them. There will be a standardized warm up which leads directly into the strength training phase.  The warm up and strength training must be completed within 30 minutes. Then we go into the High Intensity challenge of the day (the Labor). This should be completed by the 45 minute mark in the hour. That leaves us with 15 minutes to work on skills and mobility. 

We will go over all of the above in detail. I want to clear up any confusion and address all questions and concerns. I'm sure there are some aspects I've overlooked and we will address those as well as a team.

What do you say Team? Are you with me?

Just Leaves on the Tree

Just Leaves on the Tree

Awareness is key to making changes in life. Our frustrations usually stem from our own shortcomings. If we can step back often enough we can start to get a clearer picture of what is happening around us. We can see what's coming from others and what's due to our own actions. Naturally we are drawn into stressful events and circumstances. Still we must not become trapped in them. We must learn from these experiences and continually come at the world with fresh eyes. Everything is different than it was yesterday. Everything is continually changing. The key, to guide yourself toward the state of better rather than worse.

In my travels I have studied many esoteric subjects and have come to realize that what worked for and was interesting to me is quite possibly of no interest or consequence to you. What IS of VALUE is the process I encountered on my path. I know there are many paths to self actualization, feelings of freedom, power, security, adventure, happiness etcetera. However as I look back I can now recognize what are now the branches in the tree that has become my life.

These are the branches and the amount of time I spent on each step are here in parentheses as a reference. I hope they are of some value to you.

  1. Read books on subjects of your own interest (2-4 years)
  2. Study with a master until you are ready to explore the subject on your own. (4 years)
  3. Move away from home into an environment which supports your dreams and challenges your resolve.
  4. Go for your goal completely. Cut the umbilical. Burn the boats. This took some time as I continually second guessed myself and had to reevaluate if I was making the right choices. You could do this in an instant and save yourself a lot of time. Although that's not as easy as it may sound. (4 years)
  5. If you succeed, continue on and set new bigger goals. If you fail, back off and try the next thing that interests you. Keep moving forward and look for other ways to attack you ultimate goal. (4 years)
  6. I dumped everything I owned and all of my net worth into an entrepreneurial project bolstered by my passion and designed to shuttle my ambition to higher levels. I.E. rather than going after a crazy big ridiculous goal I went after something closer to my accumulated skill set. Think island hopping in the South Pacific. I can't get the entire world to bend to my will at the snap of a finger but I can take control of one small area and then move on from there one step at a time. (started first corporation 2009.)
  7. Out of sheer pure blinding desire to succeed I enrolled in every type of program I could find that would support my goals. I studied business, organization, logic, spirituality, etc. Be careful not to get stuck or diverted on any of these subjects too long. Just like step 2 above there will be an expiration date on how much you study. Eventually you should understand enough to go into action and THINK FOR YOURSELF.  (5 years)
  8. Persevere and burry any and all doubts. This is the part that really sucks but will actually be the most important step you take. Here is where you find out what you are really worth. In this step you must cut loose all attachments to anything that slows you down. Not sadly you will loose relationships with people who you thought were friends and in exchange you will gain something much more valuable - allies. 
  9. Maybe one of the most beautiful parts about the above process is that it eventually loops back onto itself. I've found myself reading more again and revisiting helpful books from steps 1-7. You will see that your life amounts to something and at the same time be thankful there is so much more to experience.

Today we are but leaves on the tree of history.

Update All Social Media Profiles NOW!

Update All Social Media Profiles NOW!

Time to update everything! Can you believe it? It's time to update every single one of your communication platforms! ...and there was much rejoicing.

Yes, it is time to look at all of your social media and email and other communication platforms and update all of your photos, bios and other pertinent bits of information. Why? Because unless you are obsessive about keeping things current (which I am not and I'm guessing you aren't either) all of your photos and profiles are a mishmash of different photos you uploaded at some time or another.

So this means you have a different face or presentation on each one of the platforms. Which is fine! I know the popular opinion out there is that you should show a different side of yourself and communicate differently on each platform. This is all true, the format of each social media site suggests a different style of interaction.

So why go to the trouble to go through each one of them and update the profiles? I think there are many benefits to going through this process:

  1. You get a chance to update all the passwords at the same time, thus improving security and minimizing your exposure to hacking.
  2. You will be perceived as active on those sites (at least at the moment) and may be able to reconnect with the communities there. 
  3. PRO TIP: Do not use the same photo for all of the sites. You are welcome to do so but I'd recommend being a little more creative than that. I may even do a small selfie photo shoot with different expressions and colored backgrounds. Each background can then mirror how I want my image to be presented on any given platform. For example, I have a Facebook page I manage called ATF Outdoor Adventures. It looks a little weak if my profile there has a picture of me inside at a desk.
  4. By curating all of this content you are able to give a more consistent picture of yourself to the world. I believe what comes up today in the most basic internet search of a person has become not only a digital resume but a biography and even an epitaph.

So do this and have fun connecting with your the digital universe. Let me know how it goes!

Oh You Motorcycle Guys

Oh You Motorcycle Guys

I've got an old motorcycle helmet with the words speed and strength stenciled on the side in cheesy gothic print. As if riding a motorcycle isn't cool enough, you need to advertise your intentions while sitting at a stoplight or stuck in traffic. The helmet was not expensive. You have to pay extra to not look like a douche.

I guess speed and strength are admirable qualities. Characteristics the would be motorcycle rider would like to possess. Still they are just a minor part of an excellent rider's skill set. With my experience riding motorcycles I'd say awareness, patience and relaxation would make more desirable qualities. Speed plus strength on a motorcycle usually equals death.

Let's start a culture of patience where we can look for and find balance in our lives. As men we are still attempting to force ourselves into old stereotypes that no longer serve us. Speed is something for the racetrack and strength can be used in the gym, doing chores or in an emotional context to help your family and others. If you ride a motorcycle that's awesome but remember that you life matters and by thinking your helmet is cool when it's not cold be a fatal mistake. Pony up for the flat black and put a picture of you family on the inside.



In popular fitness nomenclature Power is often defined as the ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time. At ATOMIC we define Power as the ability to produce an effect. We then break down and define all the words in this definition. First we have Ability, the state of being able, means having competence, skill, natural aptitude or acquired proficiency.  Next To Produce means to make, create or cause something to happen or come into existence. An Effect consists of any change resulting from a cause. Therefore we can define Power as having the competence, skill, natural aptitude or acquired proficiency required to make, create or cause a change or result.

Power is the ability to make something happen fast. This can be an inborn trait or a skill you learn over time. In weight training the faster we can get a weight off of the ground and over our head the more powerful we are. Moving more weight in the same amount of time would define an increase in power. Similarly moving the same initial amount of weight in less time would also indicate higher power output. 

Analogies can be drawn between physical and mental power. He or she who steps up to a weight and fearlessly moves it through the range of motion of a given exercise may not be considered powerful at first. However if this practice is kept up year in and year out eventually the performance becomes impressive. The person who stays focused and committed to their goal of developing high level fitness most likely stays committed to developing the rest of their life to a high level.

When you decide to do something make it happen quickly. Don't doddle but put ideas into effect right away. Don't spend two weeks thinking it over and getting up the courage to get started. Just as in strength training you pick up the weight, do the work of moving it for a few reps, then set it down. You don't stand there holding it for ten minutes before you move. Train with an emphasis on leaning power and you should find ways to apply the same lessons to all ares of life. Rather than sitting at your desk web surfing you will get things done. Instead of daydreaming you'll make your dreams a reality. 




    Time Is Not Lost

    Time Is Not Lost

    Some days I wake up very early, before the sun comes up and I go up on the roof of my building and just breathe and be alone in the city. I breathe in the entire experience. Before the horns start to sound and the people are up and around I find a quiet time to commune with what is now my home. It's always been there, quiet and innate, soft and infinite. As I have become more aware of the city at this hour I have come to realize I have been missing out on some excellent parts of life. I feel like some precious time has been wasted.

    But it's ok to leave bits of ourselves behind whether material or emotional. I think we are often so concerned with and connected to our possessions we feel we must be responsible for everything we have come to own (time included). I find a lot of emotion tied up with food I have purchased and have been unable to consume before it went bad or expired. The feeling of wasting something seems abhorrent to me. But what is this other than some sort of reaction to other aspects of existence. (I need a reference here.) I'm sure you can think of similar situations where you felt as if something was wasted. It could have been time or money or some other resource. Doesn't this play out in all of our lives on some level every day? Aren't we all trying to make them most of what we have?

    I know a man who by my estimation has wasted years of his life yet he exists and can not be said to be fully unhappy. From an outside observer's perspective this man may live a wretched and miserable existence. Who are we to say how this person feels? All we can do is focus on ourselves and try to make the most out of who we are and what our perspective can give to the world. If it matters to someone they will listen.

    Iron Filings to a Magnet

    Iron Filings to a Magnet

    Today you'll commit more than ever before. Get better at avoiding distractions and digging into your purpose full force. Let go of the disappointments of the past and cultivate the life you've always dreamed of.  Let's learn from not only our own experiences but from those around us. Study greatness and emulate its qualities in you own life. Go to bed early and get eight hours of sleep. Wake up with the sun after being informed and inspired by your dreams. 

    Pause to breathe, evaluate and allow life to flow through you. Delve deeper into your interests. Keep reaching and experiencing. Take nothing for granted and appreciate every breath you breathe. Learn to look inward an learn about yourself. Take self care, introspection and self knowledge to levels of fulfillment so great you become a wellspring of hope, creativity, passion and generosity. 

    There's a challenge right in front of you and it's the biggest, most important mission of your life. It's staring you right in the face. It's so close you could mistake it for a reflection in the mirror. The challenge is not you. The challenge is to find and confront those things separating you from your true self. 

    You can know the true self or truth as it always tries to do right in every situation. A noble search will lead you to creativity and passion. On your journey anxiety melts away and you'll feel a flow or pull in the direction you are headed - like iron filings to a magnet. A million metaphors can be made about your truth but in the end only you will know. You and only you truly know and can feel it in your bones. 

    No one can take this feeling from you or tell you what you should do with it. Again, only you know and the more you come to understand the less resistance and separation you will feel. Therefore, let resistance be your gauge or meter. Let what you resist or struggle with inform you. Don't quit, stay present, then confront it, explore it, dive into it and lastly consume it. Let resistance wash over and through you until it disappears. Eventually all that remains is you and the truth. 



    When I think of strength the first thing that comes to mind is steel. Steel is not found in nature rather it is a alloy made through a very specific process of fusing iron and carbon. Steel can bear weight, resists twisting or torsion forces, doesn't compress or deform easily. Basically for it's size, cost and internal composition it holds its shape remarkably well. 

    In the most basic sense, to be strong or have strength would mean you can hold up a lot of weight. The Greek mythological figure of Atlas hold the world on his shoulders. Sometimes in life it may feel as if we have the world on our shoulders. That's why being physically strong is so important. When we practice strength by lifting weights we feel physically what it's like to hold up under a load. When it gets really challenging is when the form and technique matter the most. Just like in life when the stress seems like too much to bear we stick to our routine. We hold tight to what got us to where we are. We know what's true and can separate that from what's false.

    It's like building a house or fortress. The better the materials and the more precise the construction the stronger the structure. I strongly encourage you to delve into strength training and all of its vast techniques and experiences. You will grow stronger in not only body but mind and spirit. Hone your style and technique. You may never become invincible but you will tap into a force that transcends the physical and gives you super powers. Ever heard of a guy named Super Man? I believe they also called him the man of steel.

    Keep it moving 18/30

    I'm trying to continue on and follow through with what I have started. Having committed to 30 days of continuous blogging I'm starting to feel tired. This is to be expected I suppose. Passing the point of excitement now the real work begins.

    This work should live on a website dedicated to sharing art and insight. How big can I make it? How big does it have to be to fulfill my needs. I'm resistive to bugging people. I'm resistive to being told what to do. So it therefor makes it hard for me to do those things and maybe I don't have to.

    Maybe this site will evolve into something cool. Something collaborative. Something greater than the sum of the contributors. Products and services will be found here. I think T-shirts aren't a dumb thing to sell but it has to be done right.

    Here's how my day has gone so far:
    1.) Woke up to the sun with my sunlight alarm clock
    2.) Drank a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar
    3.) Meditated on Resistance & Acceptance for 20 minutes
    4.) Wrote down my thoughts (here)

    Next I need to put some clothes on, brush my teeth, wash my face and get to work.

    Today I'd like to accomplish:
    1.) Two videos on Earth science from my Courcera course
    2.) Call one competitor gym and set a time to stop by
    3.) Write my book for 40 minutes uninterrupted
    4.) Bench press, bent over row, battle ropes, burpees and rowing machine.

    This week I have to:
    1.) Tax stuff - ugh I hate this...
    2.) Meet with biz partners. This is cool, looking forward to it. Just don't want to put it off further.

    Tomorrow Starts Now 17/30

    Did you ever wish you could have a do over in life? It usually happens on a Monday when you forget your wallet or your phone on the kitchen counter. If only you had gotten up ten minutes earlier. If only you had been slightly more awake and excited to attack the day. Then you wouldn't have groggily rushed and screwed up your whole morning or day.

    I noticed a bunch of people experience this today. Maybe it's an astrological thing, I really wouldn't know, I don't follow or place much importance in that stuff. Still today I know of three people who had issues with their keys; one needed to make new ones, one person took their boyfriends keys (and they don't live together) and a third had to go home to get the second set of keys to their car because their lease was up and they were returning it to the dealership today. Additionally, I had a person cancel an appointment with me today who broke a glass in their kitchen and said they weren't able to make it because there was "glass and supplements" everywhere. Can someone give us a do over?

    That's why I live by a simple mantra before I leave the home. "Wallet. Keys. Phone." With those three things I can't be stranded in this modern era. With enough money in my account I suppose I could travel the world with little else. Maybe then I would need wallet, keys, phone and charger but that would be it.

    Even though I didn't forget anything today I'm sure I did something wrong. I'm not sure what it is but I wish I could have done better. I want tomorrow to feel the way it's supposed to feel when I'm cranking on all cylinders. Wake, meditate, coffee, write, get to work on time, train a bunch of clients, have a good breakfast, train more clients, study something new, etcetera. I know I can have a great day tomorrow. I'm deciding so now and I'm going to go the extra mile to make sure it happens. Tomorrow starts now.

    Attempted Something 16/30

    Sometimes I wish I could restart the day even just as it is beginning. As if with some higher level of awareness I would be able to execute everything that much more efficiently. Unfortunately the only way to do that is to go through the whole day and start over next morning.

    I'm fighting the resistance. The resistance inside of me that causes friction with reality. I'm seeing this friction manifest itself in many ways. Resistance to how loud some guy is blasting his speakers as he drives by (or to the sirens of police, fire, ambulance, secret service, etcetera). Resistance to the aging of my self and those who I care about. Resistance to the changes in life like starting a family while saving enough money for the future.

    With regards to the noise on the streets of New York I've got a couple of solutions. One would be to be a total dork and wear ear plugs. Being a total dork is not an option so that's not really an option. Besides everyone in New York who wears ear plugs seems like they are more resistive to the environment than accepting of it. They aren't that common but they are usually crammed into a subway seat angrily reading the New York Post or Village Voice or Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto.

    I added back into my morning routine Bulletproof Coffee. Se recipe below.

    Bulletproof Coffee Recipe:
    2 Long Pulls of Espresso
    1 Tablespoon of Ghee
    1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

    Mix all together and blend in blender for 5-10 seconds. Serve hot.

    Neville Island 15/30

    The importance of generosity has come to my attention. This includes generosity toward others as well as myself. Succinctly put, if you can't give to yourself you'll never truly give to others. Anyway I'm trying to discover any thing or experience I wanted in life but was unable to have. If I missed anything I would want to try to create that for myself. You know, be generous to little old me. At 38 I feel pretty lucky. I have lived a full life. The things I keep thinking about that I would like to give to myself are actual memories at this point. Not to imply I'm done living or there are no new experiences to have. Rather when I think about what I need or would like to experience, my mind tends to go to times when I was a kid. It was during those times I genuinely longed for experiences.

    I was a kid on Neville Island, cloaked in cloud cover trapped between the west side of the Allegheny mountains and the low pressure systems coming off of Lake Erie. The second most cloudy city in the country just behind Seattle I once heard. I remember cool and damp fall days when I could sneak around trailer parks and abandoned industrial sites with new acquaintances before my parents returned from work. It's difficult to explain but low level fear, anxiety and depression hung inside each of us much like the cloud cover over the tristate area. I still have those feelings now when I return to these places in time. The feelings are comforting now, like a silent old friend.

    There were bridges, piles of sand, gravel, dirt and broken concrete. The Pittsburgh of my childhood gave the feeling that a lot was happening there but somehow always behind the closed doors of a decaying factory or warehouse. Not a ghost town by any means but almost as if every thing and every one was slightly intoxicated and going through the motions. It was evident we we in a post golden age, the land scorched, stained, wild, apocalyptic.

    Invasive vegetation grew up around the unused industrial sites in prehistoric proportions. The world was ours to transform within the boundaries of barbed wire fences and interstate off ramps. We built shacks for privacy, independence and entertainment. We threw rocks and broke glass, we fished and built rafts, we hung rope swings and all drank sweet tea out of the same shared carton.

    When I try to imagine what it would be like to give myself everything I always wanted it would look exactly like my childhood on Neville Island in Pennsylvania.

    Amniocentesis 14/30

    The fire burns inside all of us. Even when nearly extinguished there always exists one spark that can be nurtured back into a raging inferno. I'm still reeling from the news that my unborn son's life may be in jeopardy. My wife and I were flying high, riding the wave of good news and fortune that seems to arise in the wake of a happy courtship, wedding and first year of marriage. Additionally we didn't have much difficulty getting pregnant. We were following our doctors advice and doing the diligent testing at each step of pregnancy. When a genetic test came back informing us that my wife was a carrier of a rare disease the next step was of course for me to get tested as well. 

    Mind you I wasn't expecting to come back with some sort of perfectly clean genetic report card. My arms are long enough for a man at least a foot taller than me. I'm pretty sure I'm dyslexic based on how many spelling errors I have while typing this. My sister recently underwent prenatal genetic screening and informed me I was a potential carrier for cystic fibrosis. Basically I expected my genes to come back and have them say it's a miracle you are alive, looks like you are mostly human with a hodgepodge of chimpanzee DNA spliced in all of the gaps. Never in my wildest dreams would I expect my results to come back positive for the exact same thing as my wife!

    We were shocked. It was like being slapped in the face and punched in the stomach at the same time. That was two days ago. I have prayed and meditated and slept since then. Additionally this morning we were seen by one of the top genetic doctors in NYC. He performed an Amniocentesis and sent the samples off to be analyzed. At this moment I feel as good as I can under the circumstances. Everything that could be done has been done. Now we have to wait 3 weeks for the results to come back. The only thing we can focus on between then and now is that there is a 75% chance that everything is ok. 

    My Prayer 13/30

    How fast the thoughts of man run through his universe. From past to present to future in an instant. Covering childhood, analyzing work and relationships, formulating the future. In this moment, here and now expanding infinitely into the future, I pray. I humble myself before the hugeness of existence and experience. Electricity flows through me igniting my vestal and I place a future out there for me and my family. I hope and bend and allow these words to flow through me. Thousands of years manifest in this moment. Genetic lines woven together, beings finding each other in the darkness. A boat on the water with no sail, moved only by the current and witnessed only by moonlight. There up ahead the paths converge. Smaller tributaries join a larger river like capillaries and I give myself over to the flood.


    A bonsai tree starts out as an average shrub growing on its own volition.  The artist (gardener) makes a snip here and attaches a wire there to guide the tree in the direction he wants it to go. After months and years the work can be seen as an aesthetically pleasing miniature tree.

    We may not be in the business of making little trees but we could learn to treat our life's work as if it were a bonsai tree.  Plants harvest energy from the sun and organize it into living structures. In the same way higher order creatures organize in more and more refined ways. Most of what needs to happen will happen on its own. The sun shines, plants grow, we eat, sleep and breathe while our hearts keep on beating. Meanwhile we guide the process with the choices we make. When we look out into the world often times we see chaos but as conscious beings born of free will, we alone have the ability to impose order. Our choices shape our bodies, work and lives.

    Action 12/30

    Expanding the lungs and breathing deep. The practice of life since ancient times. Concerned where we are heading as a race we stand on the precipice of a new era. Technology once used only for improved methods of death and destruction now stands a chance at uniting all of our lives. Jobs will be lost and people will become confused. It may appear there is nothing to do with our time. Distractions and addictions will gain traction as the noise and static increases in volume. We must now individually sit and quiet ourselves and prepare for the coming of the next change.

    The climate has shifted and our resources must be conserved. We need intelligent, right minded students of life to pursue lines leading to our salvation. Yes both physically and spiritually. It's easy to conceive of a planet's death or at least physical collapse. Our organism has learned much and survives well in parts while suffers in others. Looking at all life on this planet as a phalanx, many lines in our ranks are damaged, eroded, deformed and scorched.  Only with our conscious effort can we till life back into these strata.

    We have the ability to genetically rewire our species as well as the others but can we play creator again before it's too late? I heard once, when you stop doing evil good does itself. What's evil should be obvious to you just as it's obvious to me. Still we see different targets as we are fractured pieces of each other. So look and find what you can see and breathe into it until it disappears and reshapes into what you intended in the first place. Only in silence can we have the noise. Only in pausing can we take action.

    Evil Forces at Work 11/30

    There is an evil out there cloaked in deception and mystery. Cultish and clandestine, it will present it self in many forms and with many heads. It's goal to attach a tentacle onto you and slowly pull you in where it can attach more and more until you are absorbed into it and then become part of it. You yourself will no longer have autonomy or free will. From that point further you will operate as a tentacle yourself attempting to find others whom you can lure down the sordid path you were duped into following. By the time you notice you are in trouble it's too late.

    The sad thing is you will be seduced and tempted by offers of great power. These powers are actually innate and native to yourself and you can uncover them on your own if you choose to genuinely search for them. Even now I'm recovering from an encounter I had with the beast. I'm realizing I need to dig up and unearth more power for myself if I am to continue to withstand other attacks that will inevitably come in the future.

    The scary thing is they mask their intentions behind the concept of help. They will talk to you until they get agreement on the above point, help. No right minded person can argue that help is bad or unnecessary in this world. Once they have some agreement the first of the suckers have attached. What's so gross about this is that we all need help and we need each other in this scary world. But help with the intention to take you over and dominate you thoughts for the rest of your life is evil, true mind control and a form of slavery.

    Ironically what you hope to gain (freedom) you give up when you become a member of cult claiming to be a church.

    Milk Man 11/30

    I've got my twentieth high school reunion coming up. That's kind of wild. Here we have the perfect example of time passing and us as human beings not having any awareness of it happening. Right?! I mean life just keeps happening to us in present time. In present time no time has passed. We are always right here in the moment but damn we were kids once. "It seems like yesterday I was your age" we always heard the old folks say.

    My grandmother had a metal cooler outside on her steps for the milk man to deliver fresh whole milk. I don't remember the milk man coming and I think he may have stopped even before I was born. Still when I was a kid I could picture some scene from the 1950s where a big truck with round fenders and white wall tires would drive up at the crack of dawn. Some slim man in a white uniform and hat would hop out, open the thin lid and place the fresh cold milk in the cooler.

    It's a simple metaphor and (jokes aside about what else this guys job may be to deliver), like the mailman is giving the customer what they need and want. It's a generous service in that the full need is supplied. People needed and wanted fresh milk. It was delivered to them straight from the source every day. Jobs evolve, peoples needs change, the costs to deliver can increase or decrease, products can become obsolete. Whatever happened to the milk man? Well he's a thing of the past just like the steelworker, miner and the farmer.

    Sure people still make steel, mine and grow crops but now much much more is produced by machine than the actual hand of man. We can have milk delivered to our door but it may soon come by drone. A lot changes in one lifetime. So I hope to connect with my old high school classmates. We were the first ones to take computers to college. Now we take them everywhere. These laptops in our pockets give so much to us now but at some point they will have to become obsolete. Our kids will say, "You used to carry your phone?! You mean like in your pocket?!" How can I invent the next thing that generously gives as much as the milk man or cellular phone?

    Mark Cuban Says Know Your Industry and Follow Through

    Mark Cuban Says Know Your Industry and Follow Through

    Just need to jump right in and run with it. New world, new era, new ideas. Even though this digital way of life has existed for nearly twenty years now for me it's finally sinking in.  Mass communication. I need to learn how to use social media and other platforms more effectively. I need to up my communication with other competitor brands and make them into allies. Our world is so connected it seems strange that we have to try to hide from competition or pretend like it doesn't exist. What if there was reciprocity between fitness facilities? Wouldn't that suggest price stabilization. Is there an app for that?

    My mind is racing to piece answers together. We all know we need exercise, it's benefits and advantages. As an owner of a fitness company I would think it would be an easy sell. It seems to me there are way more out of shape people with the income to afford it than there are training clients. I would argue that the hardest part about running my business is getting new people through the door.

    I think it's all about communication and perception. If I can communicate the truth about personal training then it should benefit the entire industry. I think that rather than try to build up my brand I should try to build the brand concept of personal training. It's the partnership and accountability that makes it work. There are few people who can get themselves out of bed to exercise by themselves every day for years and years. Just go to any gym and see how busy they are year round.

    As of now my idea is such: go and visit other gyms in NYC. Talk to the owners and find out their needs. Then see if there exists any opportunity. Finally develop products and services designed to solve the problems and fill the needs. I've got to have the guts to follow through on what I have discovered and now know needs to be done.