Like the seed just sprouted and beginning to grow so are our latent creative abilities. Weather you have never performed artistically or just booked a lead role on Broadway you must continually plant the creative seeds today that will bare fruit for your next project.

Recently I realized how important this was when I returned to my favorite improv theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade. Over the past 5 years I have made at least 20% of my income as a commercial actor and I can attribute much of my success to my training in improvisation.

As of present, I've taken classes at the top improv schools in NYC, booked over 50 commercials, shot dozens of short films, comedy sketches and YouTube videos. From an external perspective it would appear that I have a good career as a working actor. Things are moving and my opportunities are slowly progressing and getting better.  Internally I feel something missing.

I began to blame the people and things around me for my malcontent feelings. The strange thing was that as I examined my life, I could find very little wrong or out of place. Not that everything was perfect, far from it, but I could see that I was outflowing energy to all of the areas in my life that needed it. I was building my business, going on auditions, spending quality time with my girlfriend, family and friends, participating in church activities, giving to charity, recycling... Then pow! It hit me. I'm doing nothing for myself spiritually. Woa, I'm not feeding the thing in me that makes me, me. I'm sure I could write more cheesy stuff here about how great it feels to do good things for yourself but the fact is you have to experience it to fully understand. For me I'm happiest watching, writing or performing theater - especially comedy.

Recently I've committed to 3 nights out at the theater per week either performing or watching improv shows. I'm writing more and have started the processes outlined in the book The Artist's Way. This book has been referred to me several times throughout the years. I can see why I need it now more than ever and thank God I'm finally reading it.