I sit here encapsulated in the shell of my universe.  Nothing moves fast enough for me on the outside world.  Everywhere technology mimics what I can already do naturally, internally.  When I make up my mind to do something, it happens.  Something happens, whether I make a call, push a button, hire a helper, do it manually or even just have a though.  I push buttons.  My body even responds in a push button sort of way similar to the way in which a machine operator can control the arm of a crane with technically accurate mechanical dexterity.  My emotions control the buttons and the buttons are my endocrine systems.  A little adenine and I'm pushing my mental and limits, anger give me flashes of dangerous unbridled power.  Grief allows me to let go of what I have lost and when I'm calm and at peace I am able to function at a supremely higher level of efficiency.  It's as if in those moments I am connected to all things and am the conductor of the orchestra that I see is my life.  Others readily come to my aid.  Closed doors open more easily - both literally and figuratively!  How big am I actually?  I mean, how far beyond this body can I possibly reach?  With the touch of a few buttons I can manipulate events around the globe, what about the other side of the universe... Ha.  I can see and understand one thing for sure: No matter how far I travel and how powerful I may think I have become, I will never be truly free until I return to the source and share what I have learned with others who are starting down the same path.