This post is a little bit about everything.  I'm reading writing and studying.  Trying to throw as much shit up against the wall as possible (as always) and see what sticks.  I recently signed up to take the CSCS which is supposedly the highest rated personal trainer certification in the country.  I have 120 days to prepare.  At the same time I'm trying to find a good acting/improv/writing class to take.  I like the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater but their class availability is limited.  I'm also looking at the PIT and may sign up for a class there just so I can keep up with my skills and training.

In other news I'm writing a web series with my director friend Brandon Herman of the Digital Movie Company.  We are creating a dystopian cyber-punk universe in which our characters will live and interact.  I'm hoping to highlight current social, environmental and political situations that could damage our collective future in cool thought provoking episodes.  That's a bit of a generic explanation but I don't want to give too much away at this stage of things.

My goal for today is to (of course) live my life fully.  I have to acknowledge that this is the only day and moment that I have.  Also, knowing that distractions and other needs continually arise I must act decisively.  I need to study something with regards to health and fitness.  No wait, I actually and factually must go onto the National Strength and Conditioning Association's website and download the practice tests for the CSCS exam.  The questions in those tests will tell me what I need to study.

I'd love to talk more about life and love and spiritual things but this is all the time and energy I have for blogging today.  Until next time please know I have you in my thoughts.  I hope that through my work we are able to get closer and to have a greater understanding of our collective experience on this planet in this lifetime.