What can I say, I'm all about breakfast. Actually I'm all about whatever meal is next but I'm writing this assuming you want to take on the world and achieve all of your goals making all of your magical dreams come true! Right?! Even if your goals aren't as lofty as being Master of the Universe at the very least you want to feel great, confront the challenges of your day and maybe maintain some lean body mass.

It's my understanding that the world becomes a better place when the people in it become more conscious, capable and responsible. With the abundance of food options out there my clients, friends and family are constantly asking, "What should I eat?!" In this Information Age it seems w all need and are searching for stable pieces of information that can help simplify our decision making. My goal here is not to simply give you a meal plan or list for you the top 20 best rated breakfast foods. My hope is to share my insight and experience of what I choose to eat and why. Hopefully by seeing how I think (or don't think) you will be able to begin to develop your own ideas on how make excellent food choices.

That said, ABC News published the following article on the top 20 foods to eat for breakfast:


Feel free to check it out or read on as I break down their suggested options. I also intend to include other references and options for your fast breaking pleasure. Will we be able to exhaustively cover all breakfast options? Doubtful. I do hope to give you a broad enough picture for you to become able to decide what and how much is right for you and your taste buds, caloric and nutritional needs.