Body fat?!?  You got what?!?  No way.  I don't believe it.  Let me guess, you want to tone up the arms, get stronger and loose five to ten pounds of body fat.  Right?  That's not surprising because no matter where you are on the body fat continuum you want to lose more of it.  When was the last time you heard someone say, "Damn I'm just too thin I'd like to have some cottage cheese on my thighs."?  It just doesn't happen.  Funny thing is how specially designed your body is to gain fat.  Millions of years of evolution have made it so.  Fat keeps us alive in times of famine.  Fat feeds and ensures the growth of the brains of infants.  It's intrinsically linked to the evolution and survival on the human race!  It even pads your seat a little.  Quite useful stuff.  Nevertheless, people don't like it and want to be rid of it.  They just can't imagine what they could possibly use it for and they will do anything - even get an operation to have it sucked out of their burgeoning skin folds.

Why go to those extremes when you can simply follow my simple plan and begin burning your belly fat right now!  Hello!?!  This is not a diet nor are the following nutritional guidelines.  Below is a list describing a lifestyle in which one avoids the things that promote fat gain while engaging in behaviors that promote fat loss and lean body mass.  

So here it is in no particular order, The Way to Fatlessness!
  1. Drink only water
  2. Sleep 8 Hours a Night
  3. Eat Lots of Green Vegetables
  4. Eliminate, Sugar, Carbohydrates, Fruit Juice, Most Fruits, Alcohol and Fake Sweeteners
  5. Walk 1/2 Hour to 1 Hour Every Day
  6. Lift Weights 
That's it.  It's that simple.  IF you can stick to this you can not be fat.  Every time you deviate from this you are getting fatter.  Period.