It was a great week... 
And I'm prepping for another one even better than the last.  It all starts with great nutrition.  I've lost 7 lbs in the past month simply by planning my meals and staying consistent with my workouts.  I never had to go hard or take extreme measures.  I drank lots of water, kept carbs to a minimum and increased the amount of fruits and vegetables I consumed.  When in doubt write it down and come up with a routine.  The more variables you can eliminate or control the easier it becomes to sculpt your body.

Classes Upgraded
We've added some new classes and improved the schedule at ATOMIC.  Over the past few months I've watched many people come and go through our training studio.  They all seem to leave happy but I had the feeling there was something missing.  That missing ingredient was standardization.  By allowing each instructor to do their own thing we were providing unique classes but nothing that could have quality control or continually improving standards.  By revisiting the classes and their structure I feel we can give higher level of service to our wonderful clients.  I hope to continue to learn how to deliver the most fun and effective classes in New York city.

Squat the Planet Challenge!
Melissa Levin completed the Squat the Planet Challenge at ATOMIC this week.  Melissa is a true competitor and holds herself to high standards when it comes to a fitness challenge.  She applied the techniques of putting in effort consistently over time and as a result had no problem squatting her body weight for 3 sets of 5 reps.  Way to go Melissa it's an honor working with you and watching you progress.

Christmas in July
Saturday 7/25 was amazing!  Not only was it Christmas in July there was a HUGE some could call it epic water gun battle in Central Park.  We came prepared with wine and cheese.  We used this as our only defense in warding of the marauding water warriors.  Next year we will definitely be on Amazon Prime weeks in advance stocking up on an arsenal of water dissemination devices.

After the H2O battle in the park, Sarah and I jumped on the motorcycle and headed to Pier A down in Battery Park.  It's a newish restaurant and bar right on the water.  We dined on oysters, tuna tartare, fish and chips.  We watched the sun set and took in the beautiful views of the Freedom tower and the Statue of Liberty.  We wish New York could always me this cill and beautiful.  Sigh, back to work on Monday. 

Get Organized and Get Going
Today I got organized; or at least my shelves and closet did.  I'm in the process of becoming a more consistent and proficient blogger and social media-ite.  I know the only way for me to do so is to really truly walk my talk.   It's exciting to think of myself as a big deal some day, making bigger more important decisions, taking on more responsibility and really bringing my thoughts and dreams into reality.  Sounds cheesy I know but the only way I can possibly get there is to get super organized and then put a system into place that ensures consistent incremental progress.  There really are no secrets out there we just simply have to study what works then put that knowledge into practice.  

Thanks for reading catch you later!