Had a good week of acting work last week - several castings and one callback.  Also, I was called in to Smash Studios to do some ADR work on a project I had worked on last spring called Wall Street English.  It's an English as a second language tutorial film which I have yet to see.  It was really cool though, because I got to play a tough guy stunt coordinator and work with some super awesome people.  Thanks to Dutch Doscher for bringing me in on this project!  

This past week I ate very well - maybe too well! I know it is silly to post pictures of food and I often lament the proliferation of photos of food on the internet.  Also I don't know if this is what I want this blog to be about. However it is worthy of mention if only because my wife and I are using the new cooking implements given to us for our wedding.  

As you can see it's easy to cook and eat amazing food when you have the right equipment.  I steamed a ton of vegetables in the steamer pot mid week.  Then on Saturday Sarah and I made short ribs in the Le Creuset dutch oven. Delicious and so much better than dining out!

The other side of the coin reads thus: If all I have is photos of the food I ate to post on my blog then that ultimately that's what my life is all about. It's only a matter of perspective and presentation if that comes across as a good or bad or cool or boring thing.  I'll say this; If you haven't cooked short ribs you should try.  It's an adventure.

Sunday I woke up early and went for a short motorcycle ride over to DUMBO in Brooklyn to meet up with my riding buddy Lee.  We met up for doughnuts and coffee at the Brooklyn Coffee Roasters.  DUMBO is such an interesting place.  There's the bridge and the water and the view of the city.  It's kind of tucked away and somehow seems farther from Manhattan than it actually is.  I'm sure at one time it may have been a rough place but now it's full of cool shops, wealthy hip young people and lots of baby carriages.  If I had to move out of Manhattan I would definitely consider living there.