In rock climbing the phrase "solving a problem" refers to climbing a certain wall, rock, mountain or obstacle one was previously unable to conquer.  The climber solves the problem when after several or many attempts they figure out the way to get to the top.  In some instances they may need to use an extra amount of power or force.  In another scenario they may need to relax, breathe and move with greater precision.  It's the continual solving of problems that leads to becoming a better climber.

Climbing is one of the few sports requiring equal parts strength, relaxation and mental acuity. Climbing has taken of in recent months and I think it's because the skills can be brought into problem solving in life.  I have  a problem: I don't write enough to call myself a writer.  Additionally, I would like to translate some of my life experiences into short stories.  My problem isn't so much the writing as it is the fear of polishing and publishing.  Because I climb, I know to get past the fear of being judged I have to start to put out more work now.  The reps are key and as I refine my craft I will gather the confidence and the technical chops to release some creative fiction.  The more I write the more I further define, flush out and understand the problem.  Thank you for reading this I hope you come along as I climb this mountain.

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