Welcome to a new project of mine - Target Creativity. It's actually what I've been working on for some time.  For all intents and purposes it's what I've been doing with my life since I created a backyard carnival for the neighborhood kids when I was twelve.  I've always wanted to put on a show and share my art.

Like an explorer slash scientist I searched for and hoped to find my voice, create true art, and possibly even stumble upon the holy grail of self actualization - my purpose in life.  In many ways I've found what I was looking for, created some amazing things and shared the accomplishments.  At the same time I thirst for the next adventure.

My goal is to send you quality creative work every week in an email.  I'm using this platform as both a way to stay in touch in this digital age and as a method of challenging myself to step up and deliver.  It would be my honor if you'd join me on this journey into Target Creativity.  Here I will be sending you useful, fun and creative information in the form of: Blogs, videos, podcasts, photographs, motivational concepts, success tips, life hacks and maybe even hip-hop tracks.

It's amazing how little we connect with all of the options out there to interact.  On some level it requires getting on the bandwagon.  And you know what? I may be late to the party but I've recently realized how truly lucky we are to be alive right now. So here I go, getting on the bandwagon of sharing what I'm doing. My hope is that you find some use for what I'm sending you and that through this forum we can stay in touch.