A bonsai tree starts out as an average shrub growing on its own volition.  The artist (gardener) makes a snip here and attaches a wire there to guide the tree in the direction he wants it to go. After months and years the work can be seen as an aesthetically pleasing miniature tree.

We may not be in the business of making little trees but we could learn to treat our life's work as if it were a bonsai tree.  Plants harvest energy from the sun and organize it into living structures. In the same way higher order creatures organize in more and more refined ways. Most of what needs to happen will happen on its own. The sun shines, plants grow, we eat, sleep and breathe while our hearts keep on beating. Meanwhile we guide the process with the choices we make. When we look out into the world often times we see chaos but as conscious beings born of free will, we alone have the ability to impose order. Our choices shape our bodies, work and lives.