At some point in time we have all been stuck in a rut.  Ah yes the rut, where we consistently do the same things over and over which give us little to no benefit.  When in a rut our bad habits grow wild like weeds in the cracks of an old driveway.  Sure, cigarettes are addictive.  Fried food is delicious.  Golf is fun (yes there is a golf rut and the cause of most divorces in Florida).  Fact is there's more to life than enjoyment for enjoyments' sake and when you start to live your life like you are on a permanent vacation the weeds grow wild.  Somebody get the Roundup.

From what I gather the best way to get unstuck from a rut is to start a new routine.  If a rut is defined as repeated undesirable behavior then a new routine can and should break the cycle.  A routine would consist of steps you practice to make accomplishing something easier. For example, to break the bad habit of hitting snooze and then running to work at the last possible moment I started to have a glass of water first thing in the morning. I heard this was a good way to hydrate and break my fast.  Eventually I added a shot of lemon juice.  Now I have a morning routine consisting of a Mini Master Cleanse, some yogic stretching and writing.  I broke the bad habit of running out the door to work by adding a simple glass of water and it turned into an energizing, productive routine.

So, this blog is coming to you as a direct result of a new routine I started over a year ago. I wanted to become more creative so I decided to start writing; a little bit every day.  That small change disrupted my daily habit (of not writing).  I soon noticed the best time to write (so that I wouldn't be distracted) was early in the morning before work.  So I began writing early in the morning before work.  Sometimes with only as little as ten minutes to spare, I would open my notebook just to keep the momentum going.  Next thing you know the new behavior became a routine for me. Now I wake up excited and write all the time, before and after work.  Through my own personal journey as well as watching hundreds of people at my gym, I know we can make changes and improve.  If you want to take your life to the next level, consider shaking off the rut and starting a new routine.  Could be taking a walk outside after dinner, stretching every morning when you wake up or replacing your coffee with something more nutritious; whatever you decide take action and see how you feel.