Life is defined by the decisions we make and how we spend our time. Everyday we go through a routine. We wake up, dress, run off to work, get through the day, then home again to start the cycle over again.  We have practiced and engrained behaviors. The daily coffee, tea or latte, the route used in commuting, the satisfaction of clearing email from the inbox, each give moments of pleasure that guide us through each day. The routine follows us like a shadow. Days become years and this eventually amounts to our experience of life. If you are lucky you enjoy everyday, take on new challenges and live life to the fullest. Alternately most become so shackled to their routine time passes by uneventful and unnoticed. One day blends into the next. Obviously the bad habits contained within the routine need to be improved.

One can never be completely on top of all things needed to be done in life. We must adjust moment to moment in relation to the changes in ourselves and the environment. Fine tuning and improvement is always possible as is needed.  Life teaches us. Make the right choices, live better & longer.  The commitment to improving every day leads us to new places.  We arrive there with better habits and an improved routine.

Are you totally fit? Wealthy in all areas of life: emotionally, financially, socially, physically?  Does your job just pays the bills or are you excited about your career? It can be said true happiness comes from the daily pursuit of and overcoming of the obstacles on the road to achieving your goals. Making progress toward and achieving your goals could be considered winning at the game of life.  Life is played one moment, day, month, year, decade at a time.  Like an athlete or an army general if you don't prepare for the challenges ahead you are finished before you even start.

Get ready for the challenges of your week by implementing a new routine, a routine based on preparation. As it is right now your routine of shower and run out the door with just enough time to grab a coffee ain't cutting it. Each day or week of your life can be viewed as a separate event with a distinct beginning middle and end. How much time do you spend each week preparing?   To succeed in the face of challenge depends greatly on preparation. Native skills alone will only get you so far in competitive situations having dynamic circumstances.   a   The race, contest, event are where preparation is tested.  Also there is no more time to prepare once the starting gun sounds.

If you want to make it to the gym after work at minimum you will need to have your tennis shoes and change of athletic clothes.  Taking the clothes shows some preparation whereas booking a class or session with a trainer that you will lose if you don't show takes higher level of commitment and higher level of preparation. Make a plan and stick to it.  Although writing a plan can start out as nothing more than a to-do list, writing a to-do list is not planning.  Writing a to-do list is better than nothing.  However, to plan you must be strategic and willing to make decisions as well as organize your actions.