Consistently writing may be the best meditative and self explorative process one can engage in. The flow of thoughts and ideas like the experiences in our life, are constantly and continually being evaluated by our consciousness.  Our ability to think and imagine is directly linked to our ability to make sense of the world.   In my experience meditation is great for some people but hard to grasp for many.  The meditative concepts of just sitting and thinking or not thinking or whatever is supposed to happen is to ethereal and ambiguous for most people.  They don’t know how much is enough or if they have even started or if it’s time to finish.  The practicality of it’s use becomes convoluted and mysterious.  So I say write.

Why start writing?  Point blank, the commitment to yourself and to your own mental well being will pay dividends throughout your entire life.  As you type you will begin to see how your mind functions.  The work may seem sad or frustrating at first.  This is an important phase to go through.  You may actually be sad and frustrated and this is manifesting in your work and your ability or inability to put thoughts onto the page.  As you progress and continue with the process you will begin to have some small but surprising breakthroughs.  Eventually you will come to know and befriend yourself and that is the best benefit of all.  

I can’t be sure of how you got to this page and these words but if any of this seems interesting to you and you want a more detailed explanation of the process I’m describing please get a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Camron.  The processes described there have been extremely helpful in getting me to the point where I’m willing to confront the idea of writing and thus becoming a writer.

From Julia via the book I learned that what I put onto the page is not as important as the act of sitting down and typing out these words.  The ritual of writing is the meditation and the meditation is the benefit.  The benefit should be realized throughout the other waking hours of my life.  I know there are distractions and judgements and voices that I must learn to ignore.  

Eventually one is able to witness one’s own thoughts as they appear onto the page.  The smoother ones thinking the smoother the flow of words onto the page.  I’m awestruck by the ability of some of the prolific authors to not only amass the sheer volume of words but to make those words make sense to others than themselves.