Expanding the lungs and breathing deep. The practice of life since ancient times. Concerned where we are heading as a race we stand on the precipice of a new era. Technology once used only for improved methods of death and destruction now stands a chance at uniting all of our lives. Jobs will be lost and people will become confused. It may appear there is nothing to do with our time. Distractions and addictions will gain traction as the noise and static increases in volume. We must now individually sit and quiet ourselves and prepare for the coming of the next change.

The climate has shifted and our resources must be conserved. We need intelligent, right minded students of life to pursue lines leading to our salvation. Yes both physically and spiritually. It's easy to conceive of a planet's death or at least physical collapse. Our organism has learned much and survives well in parts while suffers in others. Looking at all life on this planet as a phalanx, many lines in our ranks are damaged, eroded, deformed and scorched.  Only with our conscious effort can we till life back into these strata.

We have the ability to genetically rewire our species as well as the others but can we play creator again before it's too late? I heard once, when you stop doing evil good does itself. What's evil should be obvious to you just as it's obvious to me. Still we see different targets as we are fractured pieces of each other. So look and find what you can see and breathe into it until it disappears and reshapes into what you intended in the first place. Only in silence can we have the noise. Only in pausing can we take action.