Going to shoot this out there and then possibly update it throughout the day. Headed to the beach today as it is important to give yourself and family time to play and relax. I know if I don't start to chill out more I'm going to burnout. Actually I'm struggling with a little burn out now - more on that later.

My goal for today, besides chilling is to get this post up. Shoot a video on the beach. Get some exercise in and limit my carbohydrate intake. I know that to truly relax I shouldn't put too many parameters, to-do's or expectations on my day but such is life in my head.

I think I'm going to resolve to just chill and enjoy time with my wife and friends and see what happens. On the back burner are my goals and ambitions for the day. If given enough space and time to relax I'm sure I can approach these things with a sense of play.