Communication is key as they say and I'm so interested in life these days. I believe it's because I've allowed myself to become curious and investigative again. There are so many things I'm passionate about and would like to accomplish. Communication is key because without the support of others around you it will be very difficult to accomplish what you target.

A few weeks ago I decided to write a book on health, fitness and personal transformation. I now know that what I actually set out to do was communicate and share my experience. Basically let you in on how the process of investigating and writing a self help book is changing me - hopefully for the better.

There are infinite planes of human development and experience and over the years I have delved deep into many. However we must be earnest in our attempts to achieve and experience higher and higher states. If not it's as if we are playing a perpetual game of shoots and ladders. Learn something cool then slip back into old destructive patterns of behavior. I'm finally transcending these old patterns now.

Early in life I overindulged in the pleasures of the physical world - sex, drugs and rock & roll. Woo hoo. The lifestyle is marketed as "cool" and can be fun for a brief moment. Eventually proving itself entirely unrealistic, unsustainable and downright gross. During this party phase I began studying martial arts, meditation, spirituality and yoga. The more I practiced the arts the more I began to turn from chemical induced pleasure to those chemicals that could be produced naturally by the body. Classic exchange of one addiction for another. The feelings I decidedly stopped getting from drugs I was able to create with exercise, the adrenaline of a runner's high, lifting more or sprinting faster. That's bad right?

It depends. I think that rather than replacing addictions we simply evolve into higher levels of sensitivity. It's like being a sommelier. At first we have no pallet for the experience of life then after we have tasted some good and bad we then know the difference between the too. What I think we need to do is not cast out our old ways for fear of them defining us. Rather we should refine our urges and sublimate them into higher states of consciousness. A sommelier doesn't give up wine once she has tasted the best in the world. No she develops her pallet further to be able to differentiate between good and bad. Ultimately we would assume she would then choose something interesting to suit her own tastes.

So rather than get caught up in throwing out the bad to preserve the good I think we need to retain the appearance of being "cool" and or "normal" as we evolve least we alienate those who love and care for us. Don't become some weirdo extremist. Practice daily to separate yourself from the junk of life but then connect and hang with those around you. That way you are sharing the good stuff you have learned without becoming preachy. Simultaneously you test what you have learned and see how you hold up under the challenges of real life. Have a good glass of wine or two with a friend - don't have 6.

There is definitely more to be said here. Maybe some day I will give up all methods of intoxication. For now I'm going togo out and get some exercise. Afterwords I may or may not have a big delicious beer.