I'm going to blog every day for the next 30 days. That may be a lie as there is a possibility that I may not get to it every day. Watch and learn for yourself how full of shit I am! There's a lot right and wrong with the world. One of the right things is that this platform exists. I'd like to share more right stuff with you. I know about health and fitness and goal setting. I know about jumping into the deep end and being blessed by the process. I'll tell you to fuck the status quo only to caution you about burning bridges.

Today I'm on a commercial shoot for a company called Viacore. They save umbilical cord blood to help with the future health of your child. Not sure how it works but definitely interesting. Product details aside the cool thing is I'm on a shoot. I got hired. Today I'm a working actor. There are plenty of people with more talent than me that don't work as much as I do. There are plenty of people with less talent who do way more than I do. My point is that after 14 years in New York City I'm still at it.

I've found a niche, albeit a small one. I'm not finished exploiting and exploring it. Where did this career come from? How did I get here? This is all valuable information. Have I got your attention yet? Well it doesn't really matter because for me this is an experiment. Just like any practice that I have engaged in in the past I'm seeking to be changed by the process. I'm happy to share everything I have learned with you. However my sincere hope is that together we can move the needle.

As I've hinted at I've done a lot of stuff and been pretty lucky with how things have turned hot. Maybe because I first started down the dark side I now appreciate the more banal yet pleasant and pleasing light. Now I'm throwing down the gauntlet for myself. I know I need to put out content and I want it to be of value to you. I think I struggled with the format and presentation for some time and now I understand how to do it continually and at a quality level I'm happy with. So here's the deal: I'm going to blog here every day for a month. I'm going to upload support videos to YouTube - yup one every day to accompany the blog. All the while I'll be working on my book and building my business.

Welcome to my world I look forward to learning more about yours. Let's do something cool together.