There is an evil out there cloaked in deception and mystery. Cultish and clandestine, it will present it self in many forms and with many heads. It's goal to attach a tentacle onto you and slowly pull you in where it can attach more and more until you are absorbed into it and then become part of it. You yourself will no longer have autonomy or free will. From that point further you will operate as a tentacle yourself attempting to find others whom you can lure down the sordid path you were duped into following. By the time you notice you are in trouble it's too late.

The sad thing is you will be seduced and tempted by offers of great power. These powers are actually innate and native to yourself and you can uncover them on your own if you choose to genuinely search for them. Even now I'm recovering from an encounter I had with the beast. I'm realizing I need to dig up and unearth more power for myself if I am to continue to withstand other attacks that will inevitably come in the future.

The scary thing is they mask their intentions behind the concept of help. They will talk to you until they get agreement on the above point, help. No right minded person can argue that help is bad or unnecessary in this world. Once they have some agreement the first of the suckers have attached. What's so gross about this is that we all need help and we need each other in this scary world. But help with the intention to take you over and dominate you thoughts for the rest of your life is evil, true mind control and a form of slavery.

Ironically what you hope to gain (freedom) you give up when you become a member of cult claiming to be a church.