What can I tell you? I'm currently doing a 30 day meditation on generosity. Yup it's something I think I need to work on. The first thing to do is develop the ability to be generous with yourself. Basically learn to give yourself what you need and then that will eventually spill over to others. I think that's great and true and will probably happen. The simple act of engaging in twenty minutes of quiet reflection each day has been shown to offer great benefits. By placing a focus on one aspect of life (be more generous) undoubtedly the mind incorporates and filters accordingly. Thus we get what we focus on.

We all have our lenses we look through when perceiving reality. I know I'm good at perceiving myself as an all knowing master of the universe and will go out of my way to avoid situations which would indicate otherwise. In this way I can maintain some level of self respect and self esteem.

But this is what it's all about, right? We have placed ourselves here in the lives we have chosen to have the experience we need to evolve. The Earth and life on this planet are an interesting experiment WE all put into motion some billions of years ago.

It's as if out of nothingness there came a thought - our thought. That thought changed the nothingness into a dualism, a polarity. At that moment the universe began. Boom. That's how big and powerful thought is. This entire universe is thought. So now as humans, manifestations of evolution able to contemplate existence, our thought, collectively, beneath the surface is the understanding that we are each a manifestation of that beginning. Our planet like a hive is swarming with consciousness, a consciousness that has always been there and which exists everywhere unseen. Kinda like "the Force".

Out of infinite nothingness (contemplate that for a moment - infinite nothingness... woah.) a thought occurs. Almost like waking up in the morning. We wake up from what? Where were we while we were sleeping? No one knows for sure but we are there in the void, somehow existing here but still part of this infinite, uncontactable, zero. We all play out this drama every day but without reflection or awareness of the fact. Therefor sadly our thoughts are mundane and rarely of our own imagination or volition. We have thoughts of fleeting wants and desires but they are all tied to this world.

We must each investigate and find for ourselves a way out of the sleep state and fully wake up each day. Meditation and this blog have been mine as of late. I am building my own process of enlightenment. I would encourage you to do the same. Study every world religion, leave no stone unturned. There are answers out there and we must each find our own while at the same time binding together to build a better world here and now. This is what we have come to learn. This is why we are here. Eventually we won't be. None of us. Eventually our sun will burn out or some other event will occur that will exterminate al life on this planet. What will we have learned by then?