I'm trying to continue on and follow through with what I have started. Having committed to 30 days of continuous blogging I'm starting to feel tired. This is to be expected I suppose. Passing the point of excitement now the real work begins.

This work should live on a website dedicated to sharing art and insight. How big can I make it? How big does it have to be to fulfill my needs. I'm resistive to bugging people. I'm resistive to being told what to do. So it therefor makes it hard for me to do those things and maybe I don't have to.

Maybe this site will evolve into something cool. Something collaborative. Something greater than the sum of the contributors. Products and services will be found here. I think T-shirts aren't a dumb thing to sell but it has to be done right.

Here's how my day has gone so far:
1.) Woke up to the sun with my sunlight alarm clock
2.) Drank a large glass of water with apple cider vinegar
3.) Meditated on Resistance & Acceptance for 20 minutes
4.) Wrote down my thoughts (here)

Next I need to put some clothes on, brush my teeth, wash my face and get to work.

Today I'd like to accomplish:
1.) Two videos on Earth science from my Courcera course
2.) Call one competitor gym and set a time to stop by
3.) Write my book for 40 minutes uninterrupted
4.) Bench press, bent over row, battle ropes, burpees and rowing machine.

This week I have to:
1.) Tax stuff - ugh I hate this...
2.) Meet with biz partners. This is cool, looking forward to it. Just don't want to put it off further.