Just need to jump right in and run with it. New world, new era, new ideas. Even though this digital way of life has existed for nearly twenty years now for me it's finally sinking in.  Mass communication. I need to learn how to use social media and other platforms more effectively. I need to up my communication with other competitor brands and make them into allies. Our world is so connected it seems strange that we have to try to hide from competition or pretend like it doesn't exist. What if there was reciprocity between fitness facilities? Wouldn't that suggest price stabilization. Is there an app for that?

My mind is racing to piece answers together. We all know we need exercise, it's benefits and advantages. As an owner of a fitness company I would think it would be an easy sell. It seems to me there are way more out of shape people with the income to afford it than there are training clients. I would argue that the hardest part about running my business is getting new people through the door.

I think it's all about communication and perception. If I can communicate the truth about personal training then it should benefit the entire industry. I think that rather than try to build up my brand I should try to build the brand concept of personal training. It's the partnership and accountability that makes it work. There are few people who can get themselves out of bed to exercise by themselves every day for years and years. Just go to any gym and see how busy they are year round.

As of now my idea is such: go and visit other gyms in NYC. Talk to the owners and find out their needs. Then see if there exists any opportunity. Finally develop products and services designed to solve the problems and fill the needs. I've got to have the guts to follow through on what I have discovered and now know needs to be done.