I've got my twentieth high school reunion coming up. That's kind of wild. Here we have the perfect example of time passing and us as human beings not having any awareness of it happening. Right?! I mean life just keeps happening to us in present time. In present time no time has passed. We are always right here in the moment but damn we were kids once. "It seems like yesterday I was your age" we always heard the old folks say.

My grandmother had a metal cooler outside on her steps for the milk man to deliver fresh whole milk. I don't remember the milk man coming and I think he may have stopped even before I was born. Still when I was a kid I could picture some scene from the 1950s where a big truck with round fenders and white wall tires would drive up at the crack of dawn. Some slim man in a white uniform and hat would hop out, open the thin lid and place the fresh cold milk in the cooler.

It's a simple metaphor and (jokes aside about what else this guys job may be to deliver), like the mailman is giving the customer what they need and want. It's a generous service in that the full need is supplied. People needed and wanted fresh milk. It was delivered to them straight from the source every day. Jobs evolve, peoples needs change, the costs to deliver can increase or decrease, products can become obsolete. Whatever happened to the milk man? Well he's a thing of the past just like the steelworker, miner and the farmer.

Sure people still make steel, mine and grow crops but now much much more is produced by machine than the actual hand of man. We can have milk delivered to our door but it may soon come by drone. A lot changes in one lifetime. So I hope to connect with my old high school classmates. We were the first ones to take computers to college. Now we take them everywhere. These laptops in our pockets give so much to us now but at some point they will have to become obsolete. Our kids will say, "You used to carry your phone?! You mean like in your pocket?!" How can I invent the next thing that generously gives as much as the milk man or cellular phone?