When I think of strength the first thing that comes to mind is steel. Steel is not found in nature rather it is a alloy made through a very specific process of fusing iron and carbon. Steel can bear weight, resists twisting or torsion forces, doesn't compress or deform easily. Basically for it's size, cost and internal composition it holds its shape remarkably well. 

In the most basic sense, to be strong or have strength would mean you can hold up a lot of weight. The Greek mythological figure of Atlas hold the world on his shoulders. Sometimes in life it may feel as if we have the world on our shoulders. That's why being physically strong is so important. When we practice strength by lifting weights we feel physically what it's like to hold up under a load. When it gets really challenging is when the form and technique matter the most. Just like in life when the stress seems like too much to bear we stick to our routine. We hold tight to what got us to where we are. We know what's true and can separate that from what's false.

It's like building a house or fortress. The better the materials and the more precise the construction the stronger the structure. I strongly encourage you to delve into strength training and all of its vast techniques and experiences. You will grow stronger in not only body but mind and spirit. Hone your style and technique. You may never become invincible but you will tap into a force that transcends the physical and gives you super powers. Ever heard of a guy named Super Man? I believe they also called him the man of steel.