Did you ever wish you could have a do over in life? It usually happens on a Monday when you forget your wallet or your phone on the kitchen counter. If only you had gotten up ten minutes earlier. If only you had been slightly more awake and excited to attack the day. Then you wouldn't have groggily rushed and screwed up your whole morning or day.

I noticed a bunch of people experience this today. Maybe it's an astrological thing, I really wouldn't know, I don't follow or place much importance in that stuff. Still today I know of three people who had issues with their keys; one needed to make new ones, one person took their boyfriends keys (and they don't live together) and a third had to go home to get the second set of keys to their car because their lease was up and they were returning it to the dealership today. Additionally, I had a person cancel an appointment with me today who broke a glass in their kitchen and said they weren't able to make it because there was "glass and supplements" everywhere. Can someone give us a do over?

That's why I live by a simple mantra before I leave the home. "Wallet. Keys. Phone." With those three things I can't be stranded in this modern era. With enough money in my account I suppose I could travel the world with little else. Maybe then I would need wallet, keys, phone and charger but that would be it.

Even though I didn't forget anything today I'm sure I did something wrong. I'm not sure what it is but I wish I could have done better. I want tomorrow to feel the way it's supposed to feel when I'm cranking on all cylinders. Wake, meditate, coffee, write, get to work on time, train a bunch of clients, have a good breakfast, train more clients, study something new, etcetera. I know I can have a great day tomorrow. I'm deciding so now and I'm going to go the extra mile to make sure it happens. Tomorrow starts now.