Today you'll commit more than ever before. Get better at avoiding distractions and digging into your purpose full force. Let go of the disappointments of the past and cultivate the life you've always dreamed of.  Let's learn from not only our own experiences but from those around us. Study greatness and emulate its qualities in you own life. Go to bed early and get eight hours of sleep. Wake up with the sun after being informed and inspired by your dreams. 

Pause to breathe, evaluate and allow life to flow through you. Delve deeper into your interests. Keep reaching and experiencing. Take nothing for granted and appreciate every breath you breathe. Learn to look inward an learn about yourself. Take self care, introspection and self knowledge to levels of fulfillment so great you become a wellspring of hope, creativity, passion and generosity. 

There's a challenge right in front of you and it's the biggest, most important mission of your life. It's staring you right in the face. It's so close you could mistake it for a reflection in the mirror. The challenge is not you. The challenge is to find and confront those things separating you from your true self. 

You can know the true self or truth as it always tries to do right in every situation. A noble search will lead you to creativity and passion. On your journey anxiety melts away and you'll feel a flow or pull in the direction you are headed - like iron filings to a magnet. A million metaphors can be made about your truth but in the end only you will know. You and only you truly know and can feel it in your bones. 

No one can take this feeling from you or tell you what you should do with it. Again, only you know and the more you come to understand the less resistance and separation you will feel. Therefore, let resistance be your gauge or meter. Let what you resist or struggle with inform you. Don't quit, stay present, then confront it, explore it, dive into it and lastly consume it. Let resistance wash over and through you until it disappears. Eventually all that remains is you and the truth.