Time to update everything! Can you believe it? It's time to update every single one of your communication platforms! ...and there was much rejoicing.

Yes, it is time to look at all of your social media and email and other communication platforms and update all of your photos, bios and other pertinent bits of information. Why? Because unless you are obsessive about keeping things current (which I am not and I'm guessing you aren't either) all of your photos and profiles are a mishmash of different photos you uploaded at some time or another.

So this means you have a different face or presentation on each one of the platforms. Which is fine! I know the popular opinion out there is that you should show a different side of yourself and communicate differently on each platform. This is all true, the format of each social media site suggests a different style of interaction.

So why go to the trouble to go through each one of them and update the profiles? I think there are many benefits to going through this process:

  1. You get a chance to update all the passwords at the same time, thus improving security and minimizing your exposure to hacking.
  2. You will be perceived as active on those sites (at least at the moment) and may be able to reconnect with the communities there. 
  3. PRO TIP: Do not use the same photo for all of the sites. You are welcome to do so but I'd recommend being a little more creative than that. I may even do a small selfie photo shoot with different expressions and colored backgrounds. Each background can then mirror how I want my image to be presented on any given platform. For example, I have a Facebook page I manage called ATF Outdoor Adventures. It looks a little weak if my profile there has a picture of me inside at a desk.
  4. By curating all of this content you are able to give a more consistent picture of yourself to the world. I believe what comes up today in the most basic internet search of a person has become not only a digital resume but a biography and even an epitaph.

So do this and have fun connecting with your the digital universe. Let me know how it goes!