I've got an old motorcycle helmet with the words speed and strength stenciled on the side in cheesy gothic print. As if riding a motorcycle isn't cool enough, you need to advertise your intentions while sitting at a stoplight or stuck in traffic. The helmet was not expensive. You have to pay extra to not look like a douche.

I guess speed and strength are admirable qualities. Characteristics the would be motorcycle rider would like to possess. Still they are just a minor part of an excellent rider's skill set. With my experience riding motorcycles I'd say awareness, patience and relaxation would make more desirable qualities. Speed plus strength on a motorcycle usually equals death.

Let's start a culture of patience where we can look for and find balance in our lives. As men we are still attempting to force ourselves into old stereotypes that no longer serve us. Speed is something for the racetrack and strength can be used in the gym, doing chores or in an emotional context to help your family and others. If you ride a motorcycle that's awesome but remember that you life matters and by thinking your helmet is cool when it's not cold be a fatal mistake. Pony up for the flat black and put a picture of you family on the inside.