I’m in the basement of my apartment building and trying to get the laundry done. Not in the right frame of mind. Thumbing through instagram all of the things I'm not but think I'm supposed to become. Resenting those who present the most desirable version of themselves as a power move. The images scream "Look at me and my life. Here is my car and my hot spouse/abs/kids." All lies and trash. When and how will I ever cross that line. Life's stories told through the art of film. The third act climax. Maybe we are already looking for a more visceral way of catharsis and entertainment.

While alive we spend our time trying to make sense of a nonsensical universe. We all will die and everything we worked for someday will be gone.  Thankfully, fragments of our efforts live on through our contribution to society, our children and the woks we leave behind. Even after we are dead that addition you built on your house should bring value to a future generation. It's not an Egyptian pyramid but hey you left your mark!

As a forward thinking human I can empathize with the perils of future generations. Still I shed no tears for the dinosaur, Neanderthal or the Native American. Well maybe a few tears well in my heart for the Native American. We can romanticize about life in the Americas before Columbus. Sadly their civilizations and way of life had no chance. Inferior weapons and immune systems gave little resistance to the presence of Old World conquistadors. 

Much like the Old World contact with America, we now move rapidly toward a homogenized globe with homogenized disease and culture. All uniqueness and differences will dissolve. We will soon become one race, one society. An outward bound organism running out of space. Science fiction becomes reality. The Earth as a fruit ripens and send out seeds of life to search for other existences on other planets. Mars will be colonized, then attempts to reach far away earths will be made through hibernation chambers of frozen DNA. Once we can incubate a human outside of a woman's body and have robots that can raise the child to adulthood its game over for long distance space travel. We can begin to colonize the galaxy and beyond. We become the Ridley Scott's Prometheus. 

Maybe this futuristic idea can exist, maybe we end our reign much like the dinosaur in a transformative oblivion. The reptile never disappeared. It transformed into another roll in the hierarchy of existence. Humans undoubtedly will have to do the same. Maybe we will evolve to support a higher order life form. For now we fight to maintain our position at the top of the heap.