Awareness is key to making changes in life. Our frustrations usually stem from our own shortcomings. If we can step back often enough we can start to get a clearer picture of what is happening around us. We can see what's coming from others and what's due to our own actions. Naturally we are drawn into stressful events and circumstances. Still we must not become trapped in them. We must learn from these experiences and continually come at the world with fresh eyes. Everything is different than it was yesterday. Everything is continually changing. The key, to guide yourself toward the state of better rather than worse.

In my travels I have studied many esoteric subjects and have come to realize that what worked for and was interesting to me is quite possibly of no interest or consequence to you. What IS of VALUE is the process I encountered on my path. I know there are many paths to self actualization, feelings of freedom, power, security, adventure, happiness etcetera. However as I look back I can now recognize what are now the branches in the tree that has become my life.

These are the branches and the amount of time I spent on each step are here in parentheses as a reference. I hope they are of some value to you.

  1. Read books on subjects of your own interest (2-4 years)
  2. Study with a master until you are ready to explore the subject on your own. (4 years)
  3. Move away from home into an environment which supports your dreams and challenges your resolve.
  4. Go for your goal completely. Cut the umbilical. Burn the boats. This took some time as I continually second guessed myself and had to reevaluate if I was making the right choices. You could do this in an instant and save yourself a lot of time. Although that's not as easy as it may sound. (4 years)
  5. If you succeed, continue on and set new bigger goals. If you fail, back off and try the next thing that interests you. Keep moving forward and look for other ways to attack you ultimate goal. (4 years)
  6. I dumped everything I owned and all of my net worth into an entrepreneurial project bolstered by my passion and designed to shuttle my ambition to higher levels. I.E. rather than going after a crazy big ridiculous goal I went after something closer to my accumulated skill set. Think island hopping in the South Pacific. I can't get the entire world to bend to my will at the snap of a finger but I can take control of one small area and then move on from there one step at a time. (started first corporation 2009.)
  7. Out of sheer pure blinding desire to succeed I enrolled in every type of program I could find that would support my goals. I studied business, organization, logic, spirituality, etc. Be careful not to get stuck or diverted on any of these subjects too long. Just like step 2 above there will be an expiration date on how much you study. Eventually you should understand enough to go into action and THINK FOR YOURSELF.  (5 years)
  8. Persevere and burry any and all doubts. This is the part that really sucks but will actually be the most important step you take. Here is where you find out what you are really worth. In this step you must cut loose all attachments to anything that slows you down. Not sadly you will loose relationships with people who you thought were friends and in exchange you will gain something much more valuable - allies. 
  9. Maybe one of the most beautiful parts about the above process is that it eventually loops back onto itself. I've found myself reading more again and revisiting helpful books from steps 1-7. You will see that your life amounts to something and at the same time be thankful there is so much more to experience.

Today we are but leaves on the tree of history.