GOAL: To make us the most knowledgable, energizing, helpful and fun group of fitness professionals the world has ever seen. To accomplish this we must be on the same page with how we organize the facility and how we manage time within our training sessions. If we can become supremely organized and efficient then we cut out confusion and leave more room for having fun.

Organizing the Facility
Currently we have three rooms at our disposal. The black, blue and yoga/stretch room. Each has it's own strengths and weaknesses. First thing we will do is balance the equipment between the rooms. This will reduce the amount of back and forth needed to procure the necessary equipment for each session. It will also allow us to perform sessions in one place and will keep us more connected to our clients.

Next we will assign two trainers to each room. One senior trainer and one new trainer. Each of the two trainers will stagger their scheduling on the half hour so that sessions are never starting and ending at the same time. Adam may switch in and out of each of the rooms with the senior trainer to connect with the new trainers, new clients and supervise their development.

Time Management Within Each Session
We have one hour to deliver an excellent, transformative fitness experience to our clients. We must connect with them fully and address their specific needs in every session. If we miss these two points we have fallen short. The following is the bare minimum of what should happen in a personal training session:

  1. A hearty genuine greeting, "Hi (person's name). Good morning!" etc.
  2. Ask "Is anything tight or sore?" Then address as appropriate. 
  3. Circle the Joints Warm Up
  4. Warm Up exercises preparing them for what's to come. Pushing, squatting etc.
  5. Strength Training
  6. High Intensity Training
  7. Skill Work
  8. Mobility Work
  9. Quick assisted stretch by the trainer

Keep in mind the entire time you should be conversing with them and keeping the focus on them. Yes one of our goals in talking with them is to connect and become friendly. However we need to be the type of friend who LISTENS rather than the friend who continually makes the conversation all about themselves and the inane details of their life. This needs to be reiterated here now as the new trainers will need to be held to the same high standards. 

So here's how we will get all of the above into an hour. We are going to take our 8 Labors of ATOMIC and build complete, structured workouts around them. There will be a standardized warm up which leads directly into the strength training phase.  The warm up and strength training must be completed within 30 minutes. Then we go into the High Intensity challenge of the day (the Labor). This should be completed by the 45 minute mark in the hour. That leaves us with 15 minutes to work on skills and mobility. 

We will go over all of the above in detail. I want to clear up any confusion and address all questions and concerns. I'm sure there are some aspects I've overlooked and we will address those as well as a team.

What do you say Team? Are you with me?