I'm learning and learning and learning. Yet I can barely type or speak and I don't know a fucking thing about anything. I'm rattling this off with my slow ass typing ability. Still this will be my medicine. I would like to do it on stage at as a stand up comedian. I would like to put it into bars and make a rap song. That would imply that I wanted my thoughts and words to be organized into a palatable format. I refuse (at this time) to put in that type of effort. 

For now I'm going to rattle and vomit. I'm going to question and wait. I'm going to allow the gods, beings and entities and forms of the universe conspire in my favor. I call them forth to my aid now. I summon their power and cast this spell. I am free and we are free and this world will melt to nothing more than another concept or thought, which is all that it is anyway. These are my meditations. For I will never back down and I will never break. I'm here to unlock doors and shine light into the bullshit filled darkness.