There are no such thing as problems so don’t go looking for contradictions to this rule. It’s just the way of things. As a matter of fact, one’s inability to grasp this concept actually leads one to create and have problems. To clarify, there are no problems just conflicting circumstances that require investigation, analytical thinking and persistence. Once one gains thorough understanding appropriate action can occur. So you want to get the most out of life? You can never have it all unless you come to terms with the fact that everything changes and everyone does what they want and that after a few hundred years no one will remember who you where or care what you did. Depressing? No. It’s the definition of freedom. Develop the ability to see through to the timeless core of a situation and make decisions or even drastic changes when needed. Problems are nothing more than opportunities to find better solutions. Go on and poke the box, stir things up and see what happens.