So you want to get the most out of life? Woop dee do. What does that even mean? You can never have it all unless you develop the ability to change your perspective. No one person owns Central Park yet as a New Yorker at different moments I have felt as if I owned Central Park. No I can't put up a fence and kick everyone out. I'll never have a piece of paper that reads "Deed to Central Park owner: Adam Shuty". If you want to get the most out of life all you have to do is acknowledge the fact that you are actually alive. Yep that means something. If you are reading and comprehending these words you are in fact a sentient being capable of contemplating as well as adjusting your own experience. 

As I write these words I can confidently say that I have it all and have successfully accomplished everything I have set my mind to achieve. I feel as though I'm king of the world. In the same breath, with little imagination and a slight shift of perspective I can say that I am a beggar, a pauper, a thief, charlatan and hypocrite. What's closer to the truth is that we may be a combination of all of these traits. Rich in some ways flat broke in others. People talk about living the good life but ignore the fact that the good life can't exist without some amount of bad. The good life to me is the true life or the Truth life. 

I know people who were born into financial wealth and those who were born with next to nothing. There are those with great advantages and those who have had the deck stacked against them. I don't see measurable differences in either of these group's happiness. Yes there exist higher and better states of existence, consciousness and awareness but those states will only be achieved by the perspective change of the individual. These changes to be achieved must be actively pursued.

Here are the ways one can actively change their perspective for the better:

  1. Go to school or study a subject in depth. Once understanding has been achieved then one can use that knowledge as a lens through which life can be understood. The more lenses you have the more accurate view you have on the Truth of reality in front of you.
  2. Travel to another part of the word. Through travel we see how other cultures behave. Conversely we can then come to understand our own culture and behavior.
  3. Ingest drugs. This method is not ideal as the side effects of drugs can be more than detrimental. Regardless there is a lot of evidence out there that support the use of certain substances to create state change. 

To be continued...