Depending on what perspective we use to look at life one can arrive at wildly different interpretations of the same event.  From one angle there is something and then again nothing. Everything has it's dual nature: on and off, black and white, zeros and ones, yin and yang.  Here in this moment the rule stands that we must make decisions and take action.  We have no choice. Like the lyrics of the Rush song, even if you choose not to choose you have still made a choice. 

Keep in mind things are not themselves inert and static. Things have a beginning middle and end. Put another way things are also events.  Take the event of a chair coming into being for example. The thing, the chair must be manufactured and built before it can be placed at a table. There was an event that occurred to bring it into being and then it exists and persists for some time before experiencing the event of its destruction.

So here we are stuck in the middle.  We have enough to live but want more. We need but so much yet use lots and lots.  Through what lens can we experience the trappings of a life well lived, while not over consuming and remaining in a state of abundance?

I'll do you one better.  My choice to get on stage.  I repeatedly make this choice but can't exactly say how or why I arrive at this decision. I just know I have to do it. It's as if I'm viewing my life now from my deathbed and saying, "You'll regret not getting up there. You'll regret not throwing your hat in the ring." Yet I'm not funny and I can't write a joke to save my life. On one hand I could see an audience laughing at this insight but then they are going to want a follow up. They are going to quickly learn that I'm not doing a bit. That I actually suck and have sucked for a long, long time. 

Then you can get into the whole thing about being depressed and needing or not needing therapy. Two things I know to be true. One, if I get enough sleep I don't need no stinking therapy.  Two, on principal alone I would never kill myself.  I don't care how bad it gets, I'd rather see how it plays out. I'd rather pick myself up by my bootstraps and soldier on. I'd rather lean on my friends and family than throw in the towel. Because that's what life is all about. I'd rather push the limits of what it means to exist in the moment and keep throwing chips on the table.