I grew up an outsider, never fully fitting in anywhere. Training is the safe space I have built over the past 25 years. When I’m training I momentarily give my soul safe harbor from the ocean of reality. My first love was skateboarding, then lacrosse, snowboarding. In college I moved on to martial arts and more recently, strength training.

With training I have fought and continue to fight both internal and external demons. I train to confront the myriad of emotions swirling in my body from living in a world full of desires and stresses. I know I can not have every shiny new thing my eyes or heart desires. Therefor, every positive step I take internally manifests itself as a result in the outside world. Learning to improve form or technique may not only yield a PR on the gym floor but lead to improvements in other areas of my life.

So I train to confront what’s coming at me, to get through it all, to fight back and ultimately to survive better. I want to live better every day, to love more and have more confidence. I train to compete with myself as well as to stay competitive with the rest of the guys my age (and younger!). I train to get better, to stoke the fire of desire, to win and to conquer doubt and negative self talk.

When I train I communicate with nature and free my mind. When I move, I taste both the infinite and the divine. I free locked up and constrained energy. I release any and all pent up emotion and frustration. When I train I starve off the evil dark side and feed what’s good and light.