Study the classics if you want to cultivate a really great perspective on life.  Recently I've been reading The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.  Marcus Aurelius was the Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD.  This guy was considered the last of the five good Roman emperors and also one of the most respected Stoic philosophers ever.  The Stoics believed mental calmness and composure could be achieved in any situation by aligning and harmonizing one's willpower with the laws of nature.  I'm sure you stay pretty composed yourself, but when was the last time you tried running an empire?

What's cool about studying old school philosophy is that you get a very interesting perspective on the way people think and have thought for centuries. As it turns out human beings have been trying to make the most of their existence for a very long time. They constantly wonder, "What's it all about? What am I doing with my life?  Waa waa waa!"  Ultimately Aurelius's Meditations seem to provoke awareness and mental exercise that leaves one feeling pretty ok about the whole deal.  I mean, this guy ruled an empire and walked around contemplating existence. Who does that? Meanwhile I'm pissed off that my favorite restaurant doesn't deliver on Seamless after 10PM!

Marcus says (I'm paraphrasing here), whether you live thirty, eighty, one hundred or one thousand years the entire time one lives is only a brief moment between the infinite past and future.  No one lives more than they do in this moment and that's all you have to lose.  All you have is now and you should fill your time doing the things you enjoy doing.  Putting your life in the perspective of infinity should take the edge off of nagging desires, aggravations, anger, the need to argue, be pretentious, etcetera.

So in reality we are all stuck in the present moment, together.  Simply existing and experiencing the good things like pizza, exercise and Rick Astley equally as the line at Whole Foods, receiving a traffic violation or stubbing your toe.  So without further delay, go about your business and really enjoy yourself even when you are aggravated.  You really don't have any other option.  Well, actually you could complain but we're sick of hearing your shit.