Write, write, write, write, write. Iambic pentameter. Expand intelligence. Become a symbol. Decide and make moves. Create. Remember the desire to be in the game of creation. What’s next? Deepen connections. I’m just some nobody from a small town outside of Pittsburgh. Shit yea. I claim Pittsburgh like I grew up in the city but in actuality I grew up as far from the city as one could possibly imagine. In my youth I could see water out my window, a coil of roads and deserted industrial wasteland. I was viewing the fallout after and economic boom and subsequent collapse, an aftermath. There was some joy but often overshadowed by sadness and the actual clouds of melancholy. Not a lot of sunshine in western PA! Cue the Smashing Pumpkins soundtrack.

That’s a funny word pumpkins. Maybe I can write a stand up bit about Halloween in West Virginia where it’s better to fuck a gourd than to pump your kins. Hahaha! Man that’s so funny to me.

Yup I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, on an island. Man, I wish I could HAVE that back. Just fully HAVE that place to myself. I wish I could have the resources to bridge the gap between there and here. To have the money to provide for my family so that we can really thrive. Not that we aren’t, it’s just that in New York City it’s obvious that there are those who are doing so much better. Moving out of the city doesn’t make it any easier. You have to go so far out to decrease the cost of living you trade your life commuting. Ideally, we hustle and plan our escape but there’s a gravity and force field that requires a special code to unlock. You can hear it in the competitive discussions between mothers. What school are you sending your child to? Where are you going on vacation? Same as what neighborhood do you live in and what car do you drive? We have to be smarter. Don’t play the game. Crack the code and win…

Back to my home. Neville Island. I feel there is some secret locked in there. A clue to the combination. A benefit to me and my family. The beginnings of the code. A connection, a safety. Yet I know the feeling is not enough to go on. There’s a resource component, a decision, a jump into the infinite. We must fill the lack that was carved out there. The search for knowledge and stability. Buying all of the property in the neighborhood and then demolish the houses. Building a mansion in the center. What cost? How much would it cost to get someone to leave? How much would it cost to relocate the house to the center of the property? Put up fences and hedges and raise horses.

Therefore, what can I build? What can I create? Imagine something new? If I were to create a product or a service. Fulfill a need. Solve a problem. What’s my problem? How do I reach more people? What needs to change?

So I write. I consider. I allow my mind to wander. Maybe I am a magician. Maybe just a lost dreamer. Either way I am happy in this moment. Runes. The I-Ching. Spirit Animals. The path of the shaman. The Taoist. The Chinese martial artist.

We move without pushing or dragging our feet. We feel our way with poor eyesight and a strong sense of smell. Feeling and finding a pulse; a through-line a continuation. Deep in my lair. My alcove. My quiet place to curl up and rest.

Gong hei fat choy!!!