Life is an organizing force that converts resources to energy in order to survive.

Although we may not be able to figure out what makes life possible we can easily witness how life behaves.  Life organizes and creates. Life itself is an organizing force. From the most basic structures of bacterial life that began 3.8 billion years ago several distinguishable traits separated them from the rest of the chaos of the physical universe.  As the law of entropy tells us that order is less likely to happen than order the fact that the bacteria were able to grow and replicate tells us that something significant was happening. Although extremely primitive these life forms can teach us a lot about our own motivations.  The bacteria organized the elements in the environment in order to grow, reproduce and evolve. I think it’s worth of note that these first life forms made do with what was available. They were able to survive and flourish at that time when by our standards today the Earth’s atmosphere was highly toxic.  Our takeaway, the conditions will never be perfect for our continued growth or progress.

The purpose of life is to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Life on this planet has faced five mass extinctions in the past.(*3)  Yet somehow life has bounced back and continued on at a higher order of evolutionary complexity.  We now may be facing the sixth major extinction brought on by our own use of resources, fossil fuels, mismanagement of nuclear energy, etcetera.  If we don’t want to enter into the pages of history as just another extinct species we must strive for fitness with response to these new environmental demands.  As humans we must actively look for ways to adapt and prepare for what could be coming. Everything can now be organized improved and managed. From our own personal health, to finances, to work-life balance, diet, sleep, education or family, each one or combination could be thrown into crisis at a moments notice.  Yet no matter what happens or how bleak things may seem we have to acknowledge that life itself has been here before and gotten through much worse.