It's time to take a vacation! You deserve it and yes, you can afford it!  You can get off of the grid!  I know know you can and I'm feeling quite optimistic about the results.  Think about it, your life has become one of total connectivity, complete availability and non-stop communication. This has become an agreed upon, acceptable and improved way to live.  On the other hand, what about the freedom and relaxation of no calls, no email and no distractions from the digital world? What would happen if we turned off our phones and computers for one hour a day - say noon to 1:00pm? Would we get fired, die or even worse? Personally, I'll take boredom and a brisk walk over perpetual distraction.

I am not crying rebellion here! Please do not view me as a heretic against our digital god!  Today I'm simply asking for some balance within the acceptance of our new overlords. At one time, not long ago there existed rotary phones, VCR's and dial up internet.  Ain't nobody want to go back to that nonsense.  More big changes are coming and soon.  Why don't we take a few minutes a day to unplug from the call of the glowing digital alters we all bow before. Soon my friends there will be no separation.  All will be connected, unified, one.

Until then we've got to stay disciplined and focused with regards to maintaining a welcoming, optimistic, laid-back attitude toward the dynamic changes we are facing as a tech addicted society on an overpopulated planet. Breathe. Technology hasn't won, it simply suggests a salient solution to our mortality.  We are obviously in full agreement with the impending takeover.  Don't be the ones who clutch tightly to their antiquated phones like dinosaurs searching for sunlight after a meteor impact.  Soon the gasoline will be gone and electric cars will drive themselves, leaving us free to be plugged in continually.  Next the screens will disappear, first into our clothes, next our eyeglasses and finally our skin. The struggle isn't real, it's over.  We're already uploading selfies soon we'll be uploading our selves.