OK, so you've got to give thanks.  That's a given in life and there's no getting out of it.  The problem with truly giving thanks is that it's difficult to say and do thankful things that have meaning. Sure there are flowers and Hallmark cards which express general generic sentiments. They really are not good.  Most often when we say thank you to someone it's usually for something small like passing the ketchup or sending an email.  So where are the true thanks and appreciation? Who's giving them out?  Nobody.

Just think about the generations and generations of people who have come before us whose imagination and life's work enables us to sit at computers now and contemplate these words.  Are they getting any thank yous? No. These poor souls laid it on the line in the name of progress. They built bridges, did scientific research, explored distant lands and basically worked their behinds off to carve out an existence in this once much harsher world.  Thanks early humans.

Problem is, they aren't around to thank.  The solution, thank the person right in front of you. Next time you are stuck in traffic, rather than giving the middle finger to the construction crew, give a genuine thank you to them for tearing up the street.  On the open roads, once paved, there's no one there to thank - except the police for enforcing the speed limit.  Sons of bitches.

There's a movement out there that says you should live your life in a state of constant and continual gratitude.  It's said you should be thankful for everything, but to what end?  In my estimation you will first need a body capable of fogging a mirror.  If you've got one of those you should definitely be thankful. Because people who don't have bodies that are breathing are dead and for all intents and purposes have stopped attempting to give out thanks.  Lame.

So this is it.  From now on you're stuck.  Thanksgiving will go on year round, 24-7-365 and there's nothing you can do about it.  Someone makes you coffee, you say thank you.  Just try to mean it, it may be the only chance you get.  You could get them a card but that's just being creepy.