Did you know that you can use your mind's eye to zoom out and change your perspective on life's events? Your imagination can be used just like a lens on a camera. This is a skill you can practice which can give you new perspective on tough situations that you are facing.  If you are reading this,  I am talking about first world problems.  

Let's say you have an argument with someone at work. They screwed up by not being on top of their responsibilities. The ball was dropped, and you both looked bad. You are angry and want to give that person a piece of your mind. Rather than make a bad situation worse, zoom out. Think Google Earth.  Just pull back, and view this upsetting situation from ten feet above, then one thousand feet above, and then imagine the view from outer space. While hovering above the earth, everything looks calm, quiet and peaceful.  The situation, the problem, and any amount of negativity in it is minuscule and unimportant when compared to the size of the planet and or the vastness of space.  

So next time you feel yourself getting worked up, maybe you need more space to cool down.  Go out to the outer rim of the solar system or even the other side of the galaxy? Or maybe you invent a parallel universe where you are always right...  Wherever you go, don't come back until you realize your problems here are small and quite temporary.